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I received queries about how to contact with other Jacky's Fans on the net, so I establish an ICQ list here which allows Jacky's Fans to communicate whenever they wish. Fans can meet each other, share news and chat through ICQ. Here I wish to invite you to get ICQ and then fill in the following form so I can add you to the list below. You can also remove yourself from the list using the same form below.

You can also support my Jacky Cheung's World of Music site by sending me any news about Jacky Cheung.

本站近日收到一些網友的要求,希望能夠成立一個張學友支持者的ICQ 聯絡表,令大家可以多多交流意見,支持學友並互通消息。


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I hereby authorise the webmaster of this site to publish above information on this page only and that the webmaster will not bear any responsiblity about any consequences for the disclosure of above information here.

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