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Visitor 14: myra pau
Reference: join internet
Location: Canada (I'm Hong Kong people)
Date:Tuesday, Dec 24, 1996 at 04:40:58 (EST)
Comments: interesting!!!!!
Visitor 13:Belinda Sin
Reference:from Mrs. Sendoh (a.k.a. Stella)'s page. ^_^
WebSite:B-chan's Haven
Web Info: Jpop, anime, manga, and me! ^_^
Date: Mon, Dec 23, 1996 at 20:32:42 (EST)

Hello. I just dropped on by to see what your page was like. I must say that it's really nice! ^_^ Anyway, here's some Japanese: ¤¢¤Ê¤¿¤À¤±¸«¤Ä¤á¤Æ¤ë. It was on the clipboard so I thought I might as well use it. =P I never stuck any foreign languages on anybody's guestbook before so you're the first!

Anyway, now that I made myself sound insane, I had best leave.

Good job and keep up the great work! ^_^

Visitor 12: Nald Chow
Reference: from my own guestbook
Location: Hong Kong
WebSite:Make Yourself At Home - Page of Nald Chow
Date: Sun, Dec 22, 1996 at 10:47:35 (EST)

What a small it is! I saw you in my guest book and my friend's guest book who also signed your guestbook.... speaking of guestbook, Pergatory is better than Lpage, but are you really willing to pay 5 bucks US? I once used their guestbook but my entries were removed without any notice and thus I switch back to Lpage as it's at least free and honest/ not making any empty promise. So, I wouldn't advise Sze Wai to use yours. ok,.. enough for guestbook, I think you've got a great page. keep up the good work, we might see each other online on IRC dalnet #hong*kong. ... or actually in person, one think you might not know is that I have actually studied architecture in HKU for one year. ask your "C Hing " in year 3 and they will tell you. bye!

Visitor 11: Leung Sze Wai
Reference: From the guestbook of Ronald Chow
Location: Hong Kong
WebSite: Sze Wai's Homepage
Web Info: Not yet ready, but probably concerning music
Date: Sat, Dec 21, 1996 at 12:56:06 (EST)

What an attractive homepage! I was firstly impressed by the image in the front page. Can u find a paperbag with the word 'SzeWai' on it for me? Haha... When I get into the main page, I am amazed by the map which I have never thought of creating it by an ordinary people. Unfortunately, I am not using Chinese Windows and I have not installed any reading Chinese program, so I think I have missed a lot of good things...

Visitor 10:Sendoh-kun no Stella ^_^
Reference:From Timothy's TVB guestbook
Location:HKU!! Sure!!!
WebSite:XXXberland!?...It's Stelland!!
(Links, entertainment, Slam Dunk, SD doujinshis,i.e.¦P¤H»x)
Date:Mon, Dec 16, 1996 at 01:23:49 (EST)

Hello!! ®v¥S! (^^) Great hpg you have!! I really want to make one with Java Language, can you tell me how to make moving words at the bottom of netscape screen?? ^_^ And how to make mine in HKU system? You know I'm still a freshman, I really outdate of making hpg... So I appreciate your pretty hpg!! Keep on doing your work!! ^_^ Akira-chan no Stella (^^)

Visitor 9: Natalie Ho
Reference: Word of Mouth
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 1996 at 12:12:16 (EST)
Comments: Hi Joseph...
Great page!Please explore more new web site. I gonna to make use of
your page to check out more information...
Visitor 8: Hilda Ko
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 1996 at 12:11:19 (EST)

You are really cool!

Visitor 7: Joseph Chong
Reference: Net Search
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 1996 at 12:10:18 (EST)


Tried to match my own name via Netbot and came up with
your homepage. I am living in Toronto, Canada, practicing
General Medicine, soon to return to residency as an
anaesthesiologist. Just thought I would say hello.
Dr. Joseph Ming Chong

Visitor 6: iris
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 1996 at 12:07:10 (EST)

Dear joseph,
thank you for letting me to check you homepage out, i really
enjoy browsing through it. i'll talk to you more in email.
take car.

Visitor 5: Tina Lai
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 1996 at 12:05:27 (EST)

Rich in content! Very good!

Visitor 4: Stephanie Tang
Reference: Yahoo!
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 1996 at 12:03:37 (EST)

YO! What's up? I like your homepage very much. Especially when
you put some graphic on it. That make it great looking. But please
put some more English instead of Chinese languages. Some people around
the world doesn't understand it. And some user don't even have the
Chinese character translating system. (Just like the one I'm using)
Oh! Well! Too bad. May be next time when I come by again there will
be more English instead of Chinese.
Good luck and take care. Keep smiling!

Visitor 3: Maisy Chang
Reference: Word of mouth
Contact: OR


Joseph, keep on constructing the homepage. I am going to copy yours! :>

Visitor 2: Lan Lui Winnie
Reference: Word of mouth

Cool! I like the graphics! Help me to write one next time!

Visitor 1: Marco Wong
Reference: Word of mouth

Hey Joseph, nice job!
I wanted to create a homepage, too. But I have no time.
Referring to your homepage, the background is a little bit
too graphical. Perhaps you can use some simplier pics as

Talk to you later.

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