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ball 獨家提供 釋放自己
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編曲:Lilian Chau from Australia

ball 獨家提供 花與琴的流星
未經許可 不得在其他網頁放上
編曲:Lilian Chau from Australia

ball Lau Chu Tse Sze Kwong 留住這時光(zipped)
ball Love You More Everyday 每天愛你多一些
ball Love You More Everyday (Version 2) 每天愛你多一些
ball When Love becomes a habit 當愛已成習慣(zipped)
ball Your First Name, My Last Name 你的名字,我的姓氏
ball Separate at the Rainy Days分手總要在雨天
ball Blue Rain藍雨
ball I just want to follow u in my life袛想一生跟你走
ball Strong Faith and Bright Sun壯志驕陽
ball Wait for u to come back等你回來
ball Li Heung Nan李香蘭
ball Love Letter 情書
ball A Thousands Reasons of Sorrow 一千個傷心的理由
ball Goodbye Kiss 吻別
ball Unstoppable Flow 長流不息
ball Love is Eternal 愛是永恆
ball Legend of the Hungry Wolf 餓狼傳說
ball Blessing祝福
ball How can I let you go?怎麼捨得你
ball Dilemma左右為難
ball Legend that never Ages不老的傳說
ball I still think you are the best還是覺得你最好
ball When the End of the World Come明日世界終結時
ball She is Far Away遙遠的她
ball Curved Moon月半彎
ball True Love真愛

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ball HKS: Jacky Cheung's Music
ball Hong Kong Music

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