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Snow Wolf Lake Sites          
* A site about Snow. Wolf. Lake (Allied Site)
3 4 5 -  
* ( D(TD8` Snow.Wolf.Lake
2 1 5 0 The design is similar to the official web site with lyrics and sound clips.
* Snow. Wolf. Lake Picture Gallery
2 4 0 0 A minimalist design with most pics come from Apple Daily.
* A Snow. Wolf. Lake site with just few pics 1.5 2 0 0 Some pics with some descriptions about the show.
Other Jacky Sites
* Jacky's Official Site at PolyGram (need BIG-5 decoder)
4 4 3 0  
`uXn (X 08 aPPA8N (iX`PH08nXP(XP@0AT
* m Q8M0A`h0j0jX n0(0v08
* m Q8M0A`h0j0jX n0@X08
* Jacky's official site in Japan
* Jacky Wacky World (Allied Site)          
* Kelvin's Jacky Cheung Page (with lyrics in GB code)          
* Jacky Cheung(Chinastar - Jacky Cheung)          
* Jacky Cheung(Eddie's Jacky Cheung Page)          
* Sean's Jacky FanPage          
* CY Lau's CY & Jacky          
* John von Seggern, bass player on Jacky 's World Tour          
* Eddie's Jacky Cheung Page          
* The Official Unofficial Homepage of Jacky Cheung          
* MgcMonkey's Jacky Cheung Page          
* Jessica's Jacky Cheung PageP8 (08``0 (Netfriend's Site)          
*X`PH08 (Netfriend's Site)          
Jacky's Links
* High Level Entertainment          
* The Chinese Celebrities Listing - Male C Listing          
* Asian Pops Information          
* Hong Kong Bridge - a hip hong kong pop music page          
* Hong Kong Music Chart          
* Rock Records Home Page - with info on their CDs          
* Hong Kong Cinema - a fast and big database at stanford
* Hong Kong Movies Homepage - european link, maybe slow
* HK Movies Picture Library
* What Chinese movies are showing in Los Angeles and the Bay Area?

Hong Kong Music Charts
* This week's CR Thunder Air-play Index   @pX^8q H8XH0HP
CR thunder Air-play Index '97 Statistics
CR thunder Air-play Index '96 Statistics
Commercial Radio 1 RealAudio Real-time Broadcast
Commercial Radio Homepage

This week's Commercial Radio II Pop Chart   `w \ 903 M ~(P`PQPj


Commercial Radio 2 RealAudio Real-time Broadcast
903Netvigator `w \8PW (

This week's RTHK2 Gold-Song Pop Chart   PPP8q (s0 8]
Recorded Broadcast of RTHK2 Gold-Song Pop Chart
Cantonese News by RTHK

This week's Hit Radio Hit-pop Chart   Hlz`0 a8]
FM Select Local Pop-chart   80`H 104 PPP8]
TVB Jade Sold Gold Chart   Hl8q0(8]
This week's IFPI Album Chart   IFPI @PPXP`q8]
IFPI Statistics
This week's RTHK Hong Kong Top Ten
This month's CR2 QC Map   8@F8]H8 H8g@CP0P0`H
This week's Hit Radio Foreign Hit-pop Chart   Hlz`~0y8]
This week's Taiwan IFPI Album Chart   `xPW IFPI @PPXP`q8]
RTHK Ten Greatest Chinese Songs Gold Award List
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HitsWorld : Music Charts Online !!

* Ray's World
you may also try the newsgroup, soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment.

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