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Jacky Cheung's World of Music
has chosen ICQ as the preferred
method of communication between
its fans. ICQ empowers fans with
a means to chat whenever they like
and enables them to share ideas,
discuss similar interests or anything
else. We encourage all fans to get
ICQ and provide us with their
We will list the ICQ
numbers of all members below,
allowing quick contact with members
for anyone who may visit this page.
All Jacky Cheung's World of Music
- Jacky Cheung Fans are included
in the list below by default. To omit
your name from the list please
Joseph. Thank you.

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ICQ List Name: Jacky Cheung Fans on the Internet
Description / Purpose: This may be the first list of Jacky Cheung Fans on the internet which enhances fans to communicate and share news about the Canto-pop king
Jacky Cheung.
Searchable Keywords: Jacky, Cheung, Hok, Yau, Xue,You
ICQ ListMaster: Joseph Chong
Organization / Affiliation: Joseph Chong's Studio
Location: Hong Kong, China
Related ICQ Chat Room: 262410
Number Of Users: 247
List Created On: 25/12/97
Last Updated: Sunday, Jan 23, 2000

©1997-2000 Designed and Managed by Joseph Chong's Studio

All rights reserved. Images and list information cannot be used for other web site without proper permission.

Web-page Visitor - Communicate with Joseph Chong M by using this ICQ Respond-Online Panel

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If you don't have an ICQ client you can press the Page Me button to send me an ICQ message through my Personal Communication Center, the Zoom Me button to view my ICQ Whitepages details and the EmailNotify Me button to send me an e-mail and notify me by ICQ. If I am online, the message will popup on my screen, if I am offline it will be stored and forwarded to me as soon as I connect to the internet. Installing the ICQ client will enable you to know if your peers are online and communicate directly with them.

What is ICQ ?

  * ICQ is very user-friendly
  * ICQ continually tells you which of your friends & colleagues are online
  * ICQ gives you real-time chat with online friends and colleagues
  * ICQ allows you to quickly send messages back and forth
  * ICQ lets you easily send files to other people

ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly, Internet program that tells you who's online at all times. No longer will you search in vain for friends & associates on the Net. ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you when friends or colleague sign on. With ICQ, you can chat, send messages and files, play games or just hang out with your fellow 'netters while still surfing the net.

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