Jacky Cheung’s Profile

Jacky Cheung is one of the hottest male singers in Hong Kong and Asia. He is acclaimed as the Successor of the Caesar of Singers. Most of the songs he sang are loved by the public and are highly ranked on all kinds of pop charts. (He is a records’ sales-guarantee).

In 1984, Jacky Cheung won a singing contest and started his singing career in Hong Kong. With his smooth vocal technique and sensitive interpretation, Jacky established his status in Hong Kong pop music scene. Recently, his singing career reached a climax and he broke a couple of new records.

Because of his optimistic and easy going personality, Jacky Cheung worked for The Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Cathay Pacific Airways after his Form 7 graduation. For leisure and pleasure, he enjoys hiking, playing basketball, swimming and his favourite of all – singing. When he was younger, he liked to sing along with the pre-recorded music. During high school years, he used to sing in a band with friends and entered singing contests held by school.

In 1984, he entered the 18 districts Amateur Singing Contest, competed with more than 10,000 contestants and won first prize by singing the song “Fatherland”. PolyGram Records Ltd was very impressed with Jacky’s talent, and decided to sign a contract with him and groomed him to become a star.
In the beginning of 1991, the release of his L.P.“Uncontrolled Passion” enjoyed overwhelming response. It sold more than one hundred and fifty thousand copies. The theme song of this record “Uncontrolled Passion” ranked No. 1 on lots of the pop charts. Another touching love song in this release “Loving You More Each Day”, achieved even better results. It ranked No. 1 on most pop charts, ranked No. 1 on the Ultimate Song Chart of Commercial Radio for consecutive weeks. He started his first concert “Jacky Cheung Loving You More Each Day Concert 1991” for nine performances at the end of the year.

The second release “Neverchanging Heart” and “The Rising Sun” were very well received.

Jacky’s “True Love Expression” album was released in May 1992. The response was even better. Sales exceeded 400,000 units and it is one of the best selling records in the history of Hong Kong pop music. Eight songs from this album hit the pop charts. Four of them reached No. 1 position of the charts. They are “Love You More Than You Do”, “Crush on You” , “True Love expressions”, “Breaking Up on Rainy Days”. This album has the most songs ranked on pop chart in the history of Hong Kong pop music. It was also on the ten best records’ selling chart for 21 weeks. 
In 1992, the long-awaited album “Sparks of Love” was also another best-seller. On the day of its release, more than 250,000 pieces were sold. The sale was so good that songs like “Sparks of Love”, “You Are Still The Best”, etc. ranked No. 1 on pop charts. They were deeply loved by the public.
Jacky Cheung made a big hit in Taiwan’s pop music scene again in 1993. On March 16, 1993, his mandarin album “Goodbye Kiss” was released in Taiwan and South East Asia at the same time. This created a buying spree for this album. At the same time, a new record was broken, more than 3 million pieces of this album were sold. Songs from this L.P like “Goodbye Kiss”, “You are with me all the way”, “Love web” etc. were relished widely by the general public and the media.
In 1993, he was the first Chinese to reach the charts of top ten best selling singer in PolyGram Records Regions. Moreover, he was the best selling singer in Asia in the following three years. In addition, 25 performances “Jacky and Friends Live Concert 1993”, 34 performances “Jacky Live Concert 1993” and the worldwide tour of over twenty different countries and cities, nearly 100 performances of “Jacky in concert” attracted considerable international media attention.
In 1995, he reached another climax – over 5,000,000 album have been sold all over the world. In 1995, the World Music Awards introduced a big new award entitled “Best Selling Chinese Artiste of ‘The World’” and Jacky was present at the awards to receive the prize in Monte Carlo, Monaco on 8th May, 1996.
In 1996, with invitation from The Hong Kong Philharmonic Society, he performed two concerts with the Orchestra in Hong Kong and brought his pop music into another status. 

Chinese Name: 張 學 友
English Name: Jacky Cheung 
Nickname: Little Jackie Chan, 歌神 
Date of Birth: July 10, 1961 
Bloodtype: B 
Birthplace: Hong Kong 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

偶 像 星 座 全 面 睇 — 張 學 友 

學 友 本 身 的 星 座 是 巨 蟹 , 月 亮 星 座 則 是 雙 子 。 
以 學 友 的 外 表 來 看 , 不 是 太 急 進 , 可 是 他 的 內 心 有 無 限 動 力 , 常 常 要 變 化 , 求 新
鮮 , 但 實 際 行 動 卻 頗 保 守 , 故 有 時 會 頗 矛 盾 。 
學 友 個 性 脆 弱 , 做 事 沒 原 則 , 耳 仔 軟 。 所 以 他 今 年 切 記 凡 事 要 堅 持 , 意 志 堅 定 ,
切 忌 三 心 兩 意 。 
而 學 友 今 年 與 家 庭 和 同 事 之 間 的 相 處 , 會 有 問 題 出 現 , 一 生 人 運 程 變 化 多 端 , 踏
入 中 年 , 要 小 心 人 際 關 係 。 
學 友 的 幸 運 顏 色 為 粉 紅 和 粉 藍 , 多 穿 有 益 。 


Chinese Horoscope: Ox 
Education Level: Form 7 
Height: 5’10” / 178 cm 
Weight: 144 lb / 64 kg 
Marital Status: Married to May Law Mei-Mei on Feb 15, 1996. 
Family Members: Father, mother, one brother, and one sister 
Interests: Singing, swimming, watching cartoons, playing basketball 
Favorite Color: White 
Favorite Clothes: Casual 
Favorite Food: Ice cream 
Favorite Animal: Horse 
Favorite Singers: Barry Manilow, Alan Tam 
Favorite Bands: Deep Purple, Beatles 
Favorite Music: Rock and Roll 
Favorite Actor: Chow Yun Fat 
Favorite Movie: Shinning
第一首上台作品:Smile Again瑪莉亞 
Most Memorable Event: Winning the first-prize of the 
18 Hong Kong Districts Amateur
Singing Contest 
Awards: 1989 Golden Horse Awards (Best Supporting Actor), 1988 Hong Kong Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor) 
Record Company: PolyGram Records HK Ltd., PolyGram Records Taiwan.