Events organised for HKUAA

21 Mar 2019
Dinner Talk by Professor Yu Wing Yin余永賢教授 - 香港科技發展的回顧與前瞻

13 FEB 2019
Dinner Talk by Film Director Lee Lik-chi
(李力持) - 從貨倉管理員到喜劇導演

14 Dec 2018
Sake Tasting and Get-together Dec 2018

19 Oct 2018
Dinner Talk - 從地圖和圖譜看大灣區

21 Sep 2018
Sake Tasting and Get-together 2018

25 Aug 2018
Cocktail Workshop 2018

29 Jun 2018
Dinner Talk - 手機到不同器材拍攝星空

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25 Aug 2018 Cocktail Workshop 2018 at HK Cocktail School

29 Jun 2018 Dinner Talk – 手機到不同器材拍攝星空 by 不動明王

2 May 2018 Dinner Talk – all you need to know about FINTECH by Mr. Paul Li of Alibaba

18 Apr 2018 Joint Get-together with HKU MBA 2018

8 Feb 2018 有瓦遮頭-1950S-1990S樓書解讀 by Sr Cheung Shun Kwong


22/10/2014 Get together at Oktoberfest
7/12/2014 BBQ Party at Whitehead 
24/1/2015 Karaoke and Get-together 
25/2/2015 CNY “Everybody’s Dinner” 
9/3/2015 Joint Drinks Event with HKU MBA Office at Azure 
8/6/2015 Dinner talk by Michael Wong Man Sek
9/6/2015 Dinner Talk by Louis Wong Wai Kit 
5/7/2015 Guided tour to Sik Sik Yuen 
18/7/2015 Cocktail Workshop 
1/8/2015 Coffee Tasting Workshop 
8/8/2015 Shenzhen get-together of HKUAA alumni 
15/10/2015 ‘Monthly Professional Alumni Get-together’ held at the
22/11/2015 ‘Beijing Professional Alumni Get-together’ 
28/11/2015 ‘Joint event with NYU Alumni – Financial Salon at Shenzhen’ 
21/6/2016 ‘Joint Get-together with HKU MBA alumni’ 
12/7/2016 ‘Joint Get-together with Peking University Alumni (HK)’ 
16/8/2016 ‘Joint Get-together with Fudan University HK Alumni’ 
9/1/2016 ‘Professional Western Dining Etiquette’ 
24/3/2016 An IT talk and drink on ‘跨界互聯網論壇 How IT shapes our life?’ with Mr. Frank LEE, CTO of LeTV and Mr. Emil CHAN, President of the Association of Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals as speakers 
11/6/16 with 2 classes & 25/6/16 Three ‘Molten Cheese Tart Cooking Classes’ (),
9/7/16 & 27/8/16 Two ‘Cooking Class and Party’ events 

Classes taught by 袁鳳瑛’ at the Ricky Dancing Studio on every Sunday, ‘Tram
Tour and Tram Talk’ by Sr Alan Cheung (27/2/16), ‘Music Jam and Singing Party’
at Orange Peel in LKF (7/5/16)
15/10/2016 Visit to a local GMP-certified skincare factory.
25/10/2016 Dinner talk by Dr Winnie Tang on “Smart City 3.0 – 
11/12/2016 Guided Tour to T-PARK, the sludge treatment facility in Tuen Mun, followed by a visit to the T-SPA located in T-PARK’s Environmental Education Centre.
08/02/2017 Joint Happy Hour organized with the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing at the AA Bar.
24/02/2017 Joint Happy Hour with HKU MBA at Tivo.
25/02/2017 Group Wheel Pottery Workshop at Arthome, Fo Tan.
30/03/2017 Joint Get-Together drink co-organized with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University HK Alumni at Orange Peel, LKF.
01/04/2017 Fire and Ambulance Services Education Centre visit.
08/04/2017 Visit to Tsz Shan Monastery.
27/05/2017 Coffee Home Brewing Workshop at the Orli Coffee Works
18/06/2017 High Island Reservoir Geo Tour accompanied by Geopark guide.
14/10/2017 Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea Workshop (港式奶茶課程)
11/11/2017 Minibus Calligraphy Sign Workshop (紅van膠牌口述歷史工作坊)
16/12/2017 Latte Art Workshop